Stocks can be traded either through exchange markets or through the OTC markets. This, on one hand, it allows companies to access capital, on the other hand, allows investors the opportunity to own in one of the companies - with the possibility of profit is based on the future performance of the company

Features of stock indices:

  • High yield and direct access to the global stock markets
  • Instant connection with the global economy
  • Speculate on market trends emerging / downlink
  • To buy or sell according to market movements
  • Suitable for long-term trading strategies and short-term
  • Without commissions or additional fees

Is noted for most stock indices, both in financial news or by financial service providers. And is used to measure the performance of the investment portfolio, and a reference to investor sentiment about the economy as a whole. Allows .trading of stocks to take advantage of the opportunities available in the market in an effective manner in terms of cost.